Main screen
Screenshot: MergeConverter running with Holdem Manager + HUD

      • 1.Extract the files in the zip folder received after purchase (right click, "extract all" or "extract files")
      • 2.Create a Directory c:\converted (This is where all the converted files will go.)
      • 3.Double Click MergeConverter.exe to start the converter.
      • 4.Choose a target folder containing the hands you want to convert.
      • 5.Then choose if you want the converted files to be place somewhere besides the default of C:\converted
      • 6.Click "Convert Now" to convert files or "Auto Convert Every" to convert every X minutes, where you choose X.
      • A status message appears at the bottom of the application showing which file is being converted and updates when all conversions are complete.
      • The converted files will have there original name plus the number of the first hand converted in that file.
        This is to avoid overwriting a previous converted file from a previous date when you are bulk converting.
      • 7. Import the converted files into Holdem Manager. The easiest way is to setup "C:\converted" as an auto import folder. To overlay the stats on your tables using the HUD use the table finder chooser in the table manager part of the HUD.     
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